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Weekend Getaway Destinations from the New York City

New York City itself is one of the finest cities in the world that attracts tourists from all around the world. It has got so many exciting places and things to do that also makes it one of the liveliest cities all across the globe. But for New Yorkers, this city is filled with crowded places that make them wait for their every national holiday so that they can grab their sunblock and get going.

bud ellison – from the street

New York City has got plenty of places around it that offer incredible weekend trips opportunities ranging from day trips to unique inns and full-service resorts, this list has weekend getaway options for all the budgets.


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What to do in Las Vegas besides GAMBLING!

It’s a known fact that GAMBLING is the signature entertainment activity of Las Vegas. Not many people are aware of the exciting array of fun and entertaining activities in the amazing city of Las Vegas. There are many people who are enchanted by the glitz and glamor of its famous Strip, but Vegas has much more to offer other than its casinos and clubs. If someone is thinking to spend some days in Vegas and activities like gambling and clubbing doesn’t fancy them, then here are some options that will make a visit to Vegas a worth wile.





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