Top 10 weekend Getaway destinations from Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most loved cities of India as is often referred as ‘the city of Joy’.  It is a charming city known for its amazing elements that attract people from around the world. But according to the people living in this city, Kolkata has started to lose its charm because noise, pollution, and crowd. The city has grown to become pale and has started to lose its essence So, this is obvious that if you are living in Kolkata for years, you need a break from the monotonous city life. Therefore, here is a list of 10 top  weekend getaway destinations from Kolkata that will surely break the monotony of your daily routine.



 1. Bishnupur

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Bishnupur is a popular town near Kolkata, known for its terracotta temples and Baluchari sari. This town is artistically rich and was set up in the 17th century by the Malla Kings. This quaint own is a paradise for every art and craft lovers. Don’t forget to carry your cameras to click this beautiful noteworthy town. It is approximately 151 kilometers away from Kolkata and it houses various religious buildings such as Pancha Ratna Temple, Jor Banglow temple, Radheshyam temple, Dolmadol Kaman, etc. The key highlight amongst all is the Madanmohan temple of which was designed in ektarana style that has a square flat roof with carved cornices.


 2. Chandipur


If you are looking for a less crowded seaside retreat ten Chandipur is your place. It is basically located in the Baleswar District of Odisha which is approximately 265 kilometers from Kolkata and we can assure that its worth a visit. The main attraction of this place is the beach which is at its peak of its beauty during the time of the ebb tide. Visitors can also head to Balaramgadhi which is a gorgeous site near Chandipur where you can witness the confluence of river Budhabalang or Buribalam with the sea.


 3. Digha


Digha is one of the most loved beach holiday retreats near Kolkata. Its beach is beautifully lined with swaying chains of Casuarina trees. The whole beach setting with beautiful environment represents a magnificent scenery that will surely make you fall in love with this place. Digha is basically divided into Old Digha and New Digha. Presently, in Old Digha you can witness ruins which is visited by lovebirds in the evening. Whereas New Digha looks fresh and its Casuarina lined sea shore is the main attraction for its tourists.


 4. Bakkhali


Bakkhali is an ideal getaway for the tourists who would want to avoid the hustle bustle of the city. This place is a hidden treasure of nature located in the southernmost part of West Bengal and is approximately 132 kilometers away from the city of Kolkata. The tourists can marvel at the windmill of Frasergunj and visit the crocodile propagation centre which are the main attractions in Bakkhali. It also has a beach surrounded by dense Casuarina tree and the temple of Banbibi located at a close distance from the beach.


 5. Shankarpur


Shankarpur is only 14 kilometers away from Digha and is noted as the most popular sea beach near Kolkata. This amazing place offers a serene ambiance as is truly loved by the people who are looking for a quaint destination to relax somewhere away from the bustling crowd of the city. Shankarpur is blessed with some spectacular sights that will surely offer a break from the monotony of the daily busy schedules. So, head to Shankarpur to rejuvenate your real self.


 6. Mayapur


Mayapur is a religious destination located nearly 132 kilometers from the city of Kolkata. This destination is popular for its serene natural beauty and utter religious ambiance. It is located between the river Hooghly as well as Jalangi that constitutes one of the nine islands of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya’s Nabadwip. The key highlight of this place is the ISKCON temple and for sightseeing, you can go exploring Ballal Mound or the tomb of Chand Kazi.


 7. Krishnanagar

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Krishnanagar is around 19 kilometers away from Mayapur and is located at the southern banks of Jalangi River. It is a historical town which was ruled by Raja Krishna Chandra who was an avid lover of art and culture. He was famous zamindar of Bengal who nourished this town aesthetically as well as culturally. The main attraction of Krishnanagar is the Krishnanagar Rajbari (palace). This place is also known for clay idols in West Bengal and its Roman Catholic Church.


 8. Mandarmani

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Mandarmani is also a popular beach destination near Kolkata. It is widely famous for its clean and wide sea shore. This place is an ideal getaway to take relax in the lap of nature. Mandarmani’s golden sea beach is the main attraction and it is lined with lush green vegetation as well as exclusive beach resorts. Don’t forget to take a dip in its water which is known for its rejuvenation and cleanliness.


 9.  Junput


Junput is a destination filled with abundant greenery and heavenly tranquility. It is a laid back destination which is perfect for relaxation by enjoying the rhythmic sounds of the sea waves, gentle sea breeze and the sight of Casuarina groves across the seashore. The visitors can also explore the Kapalkundala temple and the museum of fishery department.


10. Bolpur


Bolpur is a great example of the rural life which is untouched by the cacophony of city life that offers a great respite from the hustle bustle of the city. It is an exotic destination of rural Bengal that is located close to the world famous Visva Bharati University, Shantiniketan and Sriniketan. The main attraction of this municipal town is Shantiniketan. If you would like to see the most colorful phase of Shantiniketan, then try to visit during the Dol Utsav or Poush Mela.


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