What Dubai Has To Offer Other Than Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa and Abra Ride?

Dubai is the heart of the Middle East and it is a country with great potential for both business and entertainment. However, you must not ignore the fact that it is one of the most favoured and travelled to tourist destinations in the world. People from across the world travel to Dubai to get a glimpse of the beautiful and majestic skyscrapers here and trust me there is a lot more to do in Dubai apart from visiting the regular desert safari , Burj Khalifa and Abra Ride that it is popular for.



Here is a list of some top 8 that you must try besides the usual Dubai Tour itinerary.


1. Admire the Man- Made Islands

The most mesmerising mega projects in Dubai are the man-made and reclaimed islands off shore. Palm Jumeirah is among the most prominent and magnificent man-made islands that you can visit here. So the next time you visit Dubai, don’t forget to visit the amazing Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali Palm second and the third is the Palm Deira. 


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2. Visit the traditional side of Dubai

Dubai is mostly known for incredible modernization. However, there are still parts that reflect the traditional and beautiful age-old culture of Dubai. The Bastakia Quarter is one such place in Dubai which you must definitely visit to know more about its traditions. Or you can explore the famous souks to get up and close with the Dubai’s culture.





3. Marvel at the Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is beyond imagination and is the most majestic structure in Dubai. It is considered to be the only hotel in the world with a seven-star rating. It dominates the Dubai skyline. So the next time you stay in Dubai, do pay a visit to Burj Al Arab.



4. Witness the city’s beauty with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Dubai is such a spectacular and vibrant city that never fails to impress its guests with its beauty. The most amazing way to marvel its stunning beauty is through an amazing hot air balloon ride over the city. It is one of the  most amazing adventure to do as it offers an opprtunity to ride over the deserts and the neighboring areas of Dubai.




5. Feel the adrenaline with Flyboarding

The Flyboarding is one if the newest adventure activity in the city. This adventure activity is done by a wake board that rises over the water with the help of two pipes that are connected to a Jetski turbine by a long pipe that allows the person to rise up to 10 meters above the water. Doesn’t it sound amazing?




6. Enjoy the Seaplane Ride

A Seaplane ride offers an amazing opprtunity to enjoy the flight over the skyscrapers of this amazing city. All you need to do is to step onto a state-of-the-art Cessna seaplane and brace yourself to feel the excitement as you fly around the Dubai’s top attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah.





7. Have a gala time at its amazing amusement parks

The city of Dubai boasts some amazing amusement parks and amongst them Wild Wadi Water Park and Ski Dubai tops the list. Both of them aims to offer a great time to its visitors as they are loaded with so much to do and experience. So atleast try to visit one of them on your visit to Dubai.





8. Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is not a mere fishing activity as it is indeed an adventure to experience in Dubai. It is considered to be an art where tourists get an opprtunity to learn and use special sea fishing techniques and equipments that helps to catch the biggest fishes in the sea like King Fish, Cobia, Travallies and many more.




So don’t forget to add some of these on your next itinerary for Dubai which will surely offer a never like before experience of this spectacular city. 


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