Most amazing beaches in Croatia

Croatia‘s main tourist attraction is, and always has been, its beaches which has made this country as one of the most popular tourist destination now a days. With about 1,1000 miles of coastline along the scenic Adriatic Sea, and over 1,000 island off its coastline, this country is literally loaded with beautiful beaches, hidden bays, untouched coves, and enough party beach spots to keep even the most active traveler enchanted. Here is the list of most amazing beaches in the country in no particular order.





1. Zlatni Rat, Brac Island




Zlatni Rat beach is the best beach of the island of the Brac. It is also known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn because it seems like one from birds-eye view photos. It’s famous coastline changes its horn shape depending on the wind. It elongates out into Hvar’s channel and is visited by couples, families, and young people alike. The nearest city to the beach is Bol which is just a seven minutes’ drive from the beach. The beach is also ideal for wind surfers and those seeking parachute rides, pedal boat tours, jet-ski driving, and banana boat trips.



2. Rajska Plaza, Lopar




Rajska Plaza or more popularly known as the Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Lopar as well as the whole of Adriatic. This sandy beach stretches a little over a mile along Crnika Bay, and the waters are so shallow that one can almost walk to the small island that sits in the middle of the bay. The beach itself has many amenities that includes nearby restaurants as well as cafes, and there are basketball and tennis courts there in case you get bored lying around all day.



3. Stara Baska, Island of Krk




Stara Baska is a gorgeous isolated pebble beach surrounded by steep cliffs, making it at one of the mos enchanting and mesmerizing beach is Croatia. The nearest city is Punat and can only be reached by a boat from there. Like many Croatian beaches, Stara baska is quite famous for wind surfing due to the strong bura wind that blows there. The beach is also popular among families and those seeking a bit of an escape from the rest of the world.



4. Sunj Beach, Lopud Island




Sunj Beach is a picturesque crescent-shaped beach located on the sandy island of Lopud in the vicinity of Dubrovnik. It can be reached by a 40-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik. The activities include exploring the undeveloped land nearby, and enjoying the relative quiet compared to other beaches in the country.



5. Punta Rata, Brela




Punta Rata Beach is located in the central Dalmatia town of Brela and is one of the most stunning beaches in all of Europe, as well as Croatia. In fact, the beach is consistently ranked among the best beaches in Europe. The nearest city is Donja Brela which is just a 5 minutes’ drive from the beach. Lifeguards, sports facilities and a promenade lined up with restaurants and coffee shops make this beach a family favorite, perfect for wading.



6. Sveti Ivan, Cres Island




Sveti Ivan, or Saint John, is the most famous beach on Cres Island. It’s situated at the foot of the beautiful village of Lubenice. The beach is a favorite stopping spot for yachts at sea. By land, the beach is accessible only by foot, but the scenic 45-minute descent to the sheltered beach is part of its attraction. Visitors follow red arrows to reach the snow-white pebble beach and crystal-clear water. The climb back up takes around one and a half hours.



7. Proizd, Vela Luka




Proizd is an oasis of pure untouched natural environment. One can reach this amazing  beach by taxi-boat from Vela Luka. The crystal waters, pebbled beaches, and lush vegetation that mark this site’s landscape are indeed photo-opt worthy. The beach is a bit cut off from the rest of Korcula’s island civilization so you can enjoy your day relaxing on its coastline without an ounce of disturbance.



8. Dubovica Beach, Hvar


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Dubovica is the Hvar island’s largest beach, located on the popular southern coast of the island. The beach is veiled emerald green lagoon set against a small cluster of historic stone houses nestled among rolling hills. The calm, crystal clear water invites undersea exploration, making snorkeling is a popular activity. As one of the sunniest spots in Europe, sunbathers flock to Hvar’s picture-perfect beaches as well.



9. Stiniva, Vis 




Stiniva Beach is indeed one of the most beautiful hidden beaches on the island of Vis. It is located in the southern part of the island, and can be reached by taking a walk down the steep path. Or, if traveling by boat, one can get there by sailing through a narrow passage that opens up into the bay, offering a stunning view of the beach. Getting to Stiniva Beach is not easy to get to, but one will be rewarded by its wild scenery and relative seclusion. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile because swimming in pebbles with a unique view is breathtaking.



10. Ninska Laguna (Nin), Zadar




Nin is located 15 km from Zadar and its long, luxuriant Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s Beach) contains a brace of beach bars and very little else, save for mesmerizing views of the haughty Velebit mountains across the water. Don’t be surprised at the sight of fellow bathers smearing themselves in sludge: the reedy area behind Kraljičina plaža is rich in peloid mud, an effective natural treatment for sore joints and muscles.


We know that we have missed many as the country is loaded with amazing beaches. All the suggestions for this list are welcomed in the comments below. 















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