How to Pack for a Long Trip

Creating a packing list is the most crucial part as the main concern lies with carrying all the essentials and still packing light so that it is easy to carry from one place to another during long trips.

When packing for a long trip, the key is finding and packing clothing and items that are multi-functional, so that you don’t have to cart around too much. If you’re traveling for more than one month, this packing guide is for you.

Figuring out a packing list for long term travel is no longer a challenge with these tips.


Tip 1. Only Pack Essentials 

The first step is taking out all the essentials out of your wardrobe and placing them systematically on your bed or a table and after that giving a look onto all the clothes or other stuff and then onto your bag you are going to carry.

Pick up those clothing items that are multipurpose or that match other clothing items like a black t- shirt, blue jeans, shirts, plain skirt that transitions from day to night and other similar kind of stuff.

This will reduce the number of pieces and still you can come with new outfit with these multipurpose items.


Tip 2. Use your brains wisely 

Choose as many multi-use items as possible as a bandana can also serve the purpose of a napkin, cover, placemat, cleaning cloth, fashion accessory, suitcase adornment

Find clever solutions to replace cumbersome items like instead of lugging an iron, Hang clothes in a steamy bathroom.


Tip 3. Avoid Heavy Articles

A bulky jacket or sturdy hiking boots, for example, can be worn in transit so that they don’t weigh down your bags.

Try and carry clothing made from Merino wool is super-lightweight, keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and you can wear it for days on end and it still won’t smell.


Tip 4. Proper Packing Arrangement

Pack heavy items at the bottom.

Always place liquids inside resealable bags. These will contain any leaks that might occur. Leaks are inevitable when flying, due to pressure changes, so don’t take any chances.



Generally clothing that is rolled takes up less space than folded clothing. You may also wish to investigate “bundling” techniques when packing. Pack smaller items in ziplock bags, press down to remove any excess air. This compresses items into a smaller package.




Tip 5. Bury and split your valuables

Tuck socks into shoes and undergarments into nooks and crannies, and bury any valuables deep in a mass of clothing. Of course, you’ll carry the most valuable items – ones that can’t be replaced without a lot of hassle – against your skin.

Split up your bank cards, cash, travellers’ cheques and credit cards as much as possible in different pockets, your bags and wallet when packing. In case you do get robbed, at least you won’t be strapped for cash (unless you have all your bags AND your wallet stolen of course!).


Tip 6. Minimize the no. of gadgets 

A smartphone or an iPad can do the work of many gadgets at once, making it easier to take less with you. Attach a keyboard to either and you’ve got your word processor too, all for a lot less weight than a laptop.



Video cameras are pretty unnecessary in this day and age unless you are looking to do some professional work. Most decent point and shoots have video capabilities that work just fine for travelers’ basic needs.

Get small chargers that can charge various of the same things at once. That way, you carry less and have less cords and chargers to remember to repack each time.

Pile your favorite books onto the eReader. No more carting heavy piles of books around, and you’re always assured of a huge reading list, wherever you are.


Tip 7. Test it out 

Once you’re finished, “Take a long walk with the bag and see how you feel, if its too heavy?  Remove anything you can just as easily buy on the road.


We hope these tips will help you travel smart and hassle free. 




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