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Travel planning for any country is not at all an easy task as every country has so much to offer and that too in a different way. A trip should include covering the major cities as well as attractions and also experiencing various activities for which the country you are travelling is famous for. There are many points that should be kept in mind while planning a trip to any country as it helps to reduce the number of hurdles to be faced while travelling. The things to be kept in mind before travelling are mentioned below.


Where to go and for how many days?


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Selecting a destination is immensely important as well as the first step of travel planning as it gives you a definite goal. This make the trip concrete and makes it easy to commit to as well as make further planning easy as well. With the selection of the destination you also need to decide the number of days you have to travel and how will you divide the days if you are visiting multiple cities.





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After deciding the destination the next concern is the budget or how much money you are ready to spend on your trip. It also involves a decision that whether you want to travel as a backpacker or stay in luxury hotels. You also need to research how much flights, trains, hostels, hotels, restaurants, and attractions are going to cost. This will help you to estimate how much money you’ll need for your trip. You can also look out for deals available online which may help to save a bit.





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The next step should be bookings if you are set with schedule, places and budget. Look for cheap hotels if you want budget travelling. Surf through various travel sights, compare the prices and do read the reviews of the customers so that it gives you an idea about the hotel facilities.



Plan your activities


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If you are done with bookings then look out for major activities you want to enjoy or for the specific activities famous in a particular city and the most important their rates. In travel planning it helps to figure out if you need any reservations for your chosen tours or activities.



Tips and Cautions 




Again, this step involves surfing the internet as a traveller should be aware of dos and don’ts of a country especially of you are travelling to an Arab or Islamic country. Try to learn some basic facts about the destination so that it can help you to explore the place better. If possible also try to learn some basic words of their language like excuse me, thank you, sorry etc.







Packing is one of the crucial step as sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to carry and what not to. So travelers have to be careful about it while doing it as the weight limit for checked luggage in economy varies from airline to airline but is usually about 20-25kg. There are many tips and hacks available on internet for packing which would seriously help.



Enjoy the trip




The result of this whole task of travel planning is the trip. Don’t forget to carry your passport. Do your last minute checks, head to the airport, board the plane and enjoy your trip.


With these steps the travel planning procedure will surely become less cumbersome.









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