Top 10 Asian cities to visit

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The Asian destinations are known to offer a combination adventure and history. The big metro cities are very well developed and attracts tourists from around the world. These cities are huge, interesting, easily accessible and a value for money. They offer a great extravaganza to its guests through their beaches, shopping destinations, religious places and much more. Here is a list of 10 best Asian cities that are a must for a traveler, starting from number 10.



10. Phuket, Thailand 


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Phuket is a paradise for nature lovers. With its lush green hills, wide beaches and  cerulean waters, it promises a heaven kind of a place. With extremely beautiful surroundings what makes it one of the most loved destinations is its affordability. The hotels and resorts of Phuket will never dig a hole into your pockets even if you are going for a luxury holiday. This amazing city of Thailand also offers a wholesome amount of entertainment through its various interesting places and nightlife.



9. Delhi, India


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Delhi, the pride and capital of India is indeed the center of attraction in the whole of country. The city is very much developed and has a rich heritage that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Delhi is also home to some of the great monuments like India Gate, Red Fort, Qutab Minar and various other attractions that depict the history of this place. Even the nightlife of Delhi has emerged as the most exciting one. The markets and huge shopping malls has also made Delhi to be counted as the top shopping destinations in Asia. This amazing city promises a great experience of one’s life.



8. Bangkok, Thailand


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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is composed of vibrant neighborhoods, amazing shopping opportunities, exciting nightlife and its famous Thai cuisine. This city usually remains on the top of the bucket list of travelers and tourists. The city also accommodates spectacular Lord Buddha’s temples that will surely leave its guests speechless with its beauty.  This city is also counted as one of the best shopping cities in the world that has so much to offer to all the shopaholics.



7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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The Malaysian Capital, Kuala Lumpur is a city of skyscrapers as its sky kissing buildings serves as the most important highlights of the city. The most famous is the Petronas Twin Towers that stands high in the city attracts the visitors to this city. The city is also known for its amazing nightlife and shopping experience.




6. Tokyo, Japan




Tokyo is known for its fast pace or speed in everything. It is said that one needs to be very quick to catch up with changing trends of fashion and traffic of this Japanese capital city. The city is crowded and seem to be running very fast with time. The main attractions of the city are its religious places, Tokyo Tower, Disneyland and the most amazing shopping destinations.


5. Male, Maldives




Male is one of the main cities of Maldives that is known for its amazing luxury beach resorts. It is one of the top honeymoon destination that offers a great extravaganza to its guests. In Male its all about white sand beaches, turquoise shallow calm lagoons and luxury resorts. The place is also famous for the scuba diving and snorkeling adventures that will surely make your holiday the most exotic one.



4. Bali, Indonesia


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Bali is all  about ancient temples, dreamy beaches and luxury hotels that make its one of the top visited city by  honeymooners. With all that, this amazing city of Indonesia also possesses a rugged terrain calling for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers. Bali is rich in culture as well as wildlife which makes it one of the most amazing beach destination. 



3. Singapore, Singapore




Words would be less to explain the charm and excitement of this amazing city!      Singapore is famous for its food, culture, architecture, shopping and exciting activities. It accommodates diverse population and has emerged as one of the top tourist destination in the world. The city sparkles by the night and give a true feeling of an exciting vacation. It has loads of places to visit and things to do in the city which makes it one of the most exciting places on the earth.



2. Beijing, China 


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Beijing is the capital of China and also the home to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Great Wall of China as well as the Forbidden City which surely makes it worth a visit. The city is surely a crowded one and to explore it one has to become a part of the crowd. The visitors need to wander through its busy streets to explore this amazing city. d Beijing has also emerged as the most important commercial city and also counted as one of the best shopping destinations in the world.



1. Hong Kong, China




The title of the most popular Asian city goes to Hong Kong which is a known as an introductory city to its mainland of China. The city was a British colony in the past but still it distinguishes itself from both China and Britain. This amazing city is known for its adventurous activities like climbing onto its mountains and exploring its spectacular theme parks. Again. a great shopping destination with enormous malls that has loads to offer to its guests.



















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