10 Reasons to visit Jordan

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Middle East is one of the topmost area or point of interest  among the globe trotters as it has offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. Jordan has emerged as a new member in Middle East’s list of popular destinations. The 85 percent of Jordan’s land is covered with deserts but still this country has so much to offers to its guests. Here are some good reasons to visit this beautiful and mesmerizing country that would surely tempt you make at least one visit.



1. Marvel at the beautiful Petra




Petra is the most renowned attraction of Jordan as well as one of the greatest in Middle East. It is basically a historical and archaeological city in the southern Jordan famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. This amazing city is also known with the name of Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved. One should have an amazing walking tour of this place to marvel at the architectural wonders of this amazing place.



2. Explore the beauty of Wadi Rum


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Wadi Rum is one of the most untouched and exotic location in Jordan. It is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan and it is also the largest wadi of Jordan. The natives of Wadi Rum are very much resourceful, hospitable who had a played a very important role for developing Wadi Rum as a tourist destination. This place can be explored by jeep, on foot or astride a camel which would definitely lead to an amazing experience.



3. Visit the Site Where Jesus was Baptized




This amazing place is one of the most visited religious places in Jordan. The site is famous as the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. The Baptism Site is located at an isolated location beside the River Jordan and is also famous as Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan (Al-Maghtas). The site accommodates ancient churches and hermits and caves that will surely take you through the biblical past of this astounding place.



4. Feel the spirit of Ancient Rome at Jerash


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Jerash is a magnificently preserved Roman city north of Amman in Jordan. It houses many marvels like temples, colonnaded streets, grand theaters and silent churches which we surely leave mesmerized by its beauty. Don’t forget to explore its marvelous churches with mosaic floors that serves as a treat for  your eyes.



5. Try gorge walking in Wadi Mujib




Wadi Mujib is Jordan’s very own Grand Canyon which is presently protected as a nature reserve. It is a gorge that enters into the Dead Sea and it also offers a great opportunity to try gorge walking on its rugged valleys. At Wadi Mujib you may also discover rich wildlife which you can only spot in Jordan only.



6. Float in the Dead Sea


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The Dead Sea or the Salt Lake is one of the  most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole of Jordan as well in the world. It is a rich in salt which makes it too dense hence floating in the water of Dead Sea is the most popular activity in the Jordan. You just need to relax and pamper your body and you can also enjoy spectacular sunsets at this lowest point on earth.


7. Go Hiking at Dana Nature Reserve




Dana Nature Reserve is Jordan’s largest nature reserve and one of he most appealing place for adventure lovers in Jordan. This place will surely captivate you with its astounding atmosphere and silence. Dana Nature Reserve also serves as a paradise for enthusiastic hikers who can have a gala time hiking onto the rocky outcrops in the reserves and you can even spot the wild mountain goats, IBEX.



8. Travel through the King’s Highway




The King’s Highway is a historic route which follows a  line of hilltops and goes all the way down to the length of Jordan. Driving along this 5000 year old amazing route offers great views of the rural part of Jordan and you can also see sights including  the churches, mosaics at Madaba, Mount Nebo, views of the Holy Land, Kerak, Shawbak castles, nature reserves and the ancient city of Petra as well.



9.  Witness the spectacular views over the Sea of Galilee from Umm Qais




Umm Qais is  a town in northern Jordan near the site of the ancient town of Gadara . It is basically a Roman and Ottoman site located in the far north of Jordan. It offers breathtaking views over the Sea of Galilee. The site is worth a visit due to its historical significance and you will find many other attraction is this town that will attract you through their amazing ancient architecture.



10. Snorkeling and diving in Red Sea 




The Red Sea has always been the topmost choice for underwater enthusiasts. While visiting Jordan you need to move to Aqaba for this adventure experience of explore the underwater world of Red Sea. You will surely enjoy diving with the turtles in the warmest and the clearest seas in the world.
















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