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Sometimes all you need is a good reason to travel different cities of the world which is now termed as THEME TRAVEL where an individual or a group lookout for a popular reason to travel. If you are an Opera Buff then by visiting some amazing opera destinations can prove to be a trip of a lifetime for you. Here is a list of some 10 destinations where you can experience the best of opera performances in the world.



1. Santa Fe Opera , Santa Fe, New Mexico


The Santa Fe Opera is located in the north of  Santa Fe in the U.S. State of New Mexico. The Santa Fe Opera House is known for its breathtaking open air design and its fame for taking chances. From the date of its founding Santa Fe Opera House always look towards new directions and take inspiration from traditional opera as well as the American artistic view.


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2. Sydney Opera House, Sydney,  Australia


A list of top destinations for Opera Lovers is incomplete without the mention of the great Sydney Opera House located at the Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney. The Opera house is known for its unique architecture and great performances which attracts all the opera lovers from around the world. You can watch a show, take a tour and dine at the various cafes and restaurants to have a memorable experience of this amazing place.





3. Teatro Alla Scala, Milan, Italy


The Teatro Alla Scala is a Milan’s most famous Opera house of the city of Milan. It is also regarded as the operatic pride of the city as well as Italy. The stage of La Scala has served as a great platform to the topmost artists in the world. It has a great history behind it which makes it so popular in Italy and don’t forget to marvel at its beautiful red and gold auditorium while attending a breathtaking opera performance.





4. Göttingen, Germany


The city of Göttingen has so  much to offer to all the Opera lovers around the world. The city house a small Deutsches Theater that offers a cozy venue for opera performances. Göttingen is also the home to the world’s oldest Baroque music festival that is the International Handel Festival which happens in the months of May and June.  The festival also features open-air classic events, late evening concerts and many other performances.





5. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Peterburg, Russia


The Mariinsky Theater is recognized as the crown jewel in the cultural life of St. Petersburg. The theater is known for its outstanding pale turquoise architecture  and breathtaking opera and ballet performances. The city of St. Petersburg also serves as a venue for the White Nights Festival that features opera and classical music and is also counted as Russia’s largest public event.


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6. Paris, France



Paris, the capital city of France is one of the most romantic city in the world that indeed gives  loads of inspiration to opera performances. The famous Palais Garnier in Paris is among the best known opera house in the world and the newest home for opera is the Opéra de la Bastille that has emerged as the most popular among all the opera lovers.





7.  Estates Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic


What makes Estates Theater into this list is the fact that this is the only surviving theater where Mozart himself actually performed. The Estates Theatre or Stavovské divadlo is a historic theatre in Prague, Czech Republic. The theater draws millions of opera lovers to marvel on three artistic ensembles, opera, ballet, and drama.


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8. Wexford, Ireland


The city of Wexford in Ireland serves as the venue for the famous Wexford Festival Opera which is held every year in the months of October and November. The performances are performed at the newly opened Wexford Opera House.





9. The Drottningholm Court Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden


The Drottningholm Palace Theatre is an opera house located at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. Presently the theater has emerged as a theater with international reputation as the venue for summer opera festival that stages famous works including Mozart, Handel, Haydn and many more. It is the best place to watch authentic opera performances as it also serves as a stage for guest performances by the Royal Swedish Opera.





10. Sussex, England


The famous city of Sussex serves as a home to the famous opera festival of Glyndebourne Festival Opera that takes place every summer on the estate of its founder, John Christie named as Glyndebourne Manor House.  The festival gives a pure feel of fancy country house party accompanied with world class performances.


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