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The food culture is one of the most popular term in today’s world as it has reached on to a whole new level. Presently it has emerged as one of the most discussed topic in the world as it not only tantalizes one’s taste buds but it also symbolizes the culture and legacy of a particular place. If you are a rapacious foodie then you really need to have a wholesome amount of love for travelling as they go hand in hand. The love for food provokes to travel around the world to explore the variety of flavors served around the world. Here is a list of some popular food destinations that attracts foodies from around the world.


1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the top tourist destination in the world. The streets of its famous cities like Bangkok and Pattaya are loaded with delicious treats. They serve it all including curries, noodles, meat, sauces and many other mouth watering delicacies. Thailand is not only famous for its taste but also for its quick service as  the lesser the serving time the more you love the food. Last but not the least one, you can even bargain for the food you want to eat. Isn’t it an adventure eating in Thailand. This amazing Asian destination has so much to offer to the foodies and that too with sheer perfection.


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2. USA (United States Of America)

America is known for its popular food chains when it comes to food. It is loaded with all the popular brands like KFC, McDonalds, Burger King and many more. Not only this Americans also believe in serving Asian, African, European and South American cuisines abound, with an American twist which clearly makes this country a foodie destination. New York has emerged as the culinary epicenter of America because of its restaurants serving mostly ethnic cuisines whereas Brooklyn continues to experience its own cultural renaissance with their farm-to-table restaurants and new cuisine joints.





3. France

France is known for its sophistication since ages and this amazing feature is very well reflected on its cuisine. The French cuisine is one of the most famous classic cuisines in the world. Nothing can beat the experience of relishing the yummy boeuf bourgignon, onion soup and a generous slice of tarte tatin, with vanilla-scented cream on the side served with sophistication. Another good reason for France making to this list is the Parisian sweets and deserts as how can we forget the mouth watering macaroons, chocolates and pastries of Paris.


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4. India

India is a land of diversity with multilingual people and culture. The diverse land of India has no limit of the number of cuisines served in different regions of India. The delicacies and deserts served in different states of India has no match in the entire world. The spices and flavors of India has made it one of the top food destination in the world. From starters to deserts every Indian state has its own unique tradition and state.





5. Italy

Who doesn’t love Italian Food? Everybody loves gorging on a delicious pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna and much more. These dishes have emerged as one of the best sellers not only in Italy but in the entire world thus tasting them in their original land is one big thing for all the food lovers. The Italian cuisine is among the favorites for all the foodies across the globe. The food is tasty, simple, hearty, fresh and healthy and what more a foodie can ask for. The Italian treat is incomplete without the famous Tiramisù, which is crowned as the most perfect desert on the Earth.





6. Mexico

Mexican cuisine has a blend of Mesoamerican and Spanish cultural taste. The famous delicacies like Tacos, tortillas, nachos, salsa, marinated chilis and many more are among the favorites of the food lovers across the world. The spices and amazing sauces are the are the real heroes of the food in Mexico.





7. Spain

Spain’s cuisine varies from region to region, depending on the climate and cultures, as well as a little bit on the history too. The Spanish cuisine is known for its sheer simplicity. Every part of Spain surprises with something new to its guests. We should not forget the famous Tapas wherever we land in Spain.





8. Lebanon

Lebanese Cuisine has a blend of whole grains, fruits, vegetables with sea food and animal fats. Lebanon has so much to offer when it comes to food through its amazing restaurants serving traditional Lebanese cuisine. The most famous in Lebanon is the Shawarma made of lamb or chicken, cannot be missed  here.





9. Argentina

Argentina is popular as the heaven for meat eaters as the meat served here is so tender and soft that you can even slice it with a spoon. The beef from the Pampas attracts the foodies from around the world. The other popular stars of the Argentinian cuisine are the chorizo and parrilladas.





10. Japan

Japan has known for its originality when it comes to food as no country can imitate the art behind Japan’s iconic dishes like the most famous Sushi. Sushi has become the one of the identity whenever we talk of Japan. These are small rolls of sticky rice sealed with seaweed flavored with great combinations of spices, salmon and cheese and smoked with the traditional wasabi paste. Not only Suhi, Japan is also famous for its exotic noodle dishes and mouth watering desserts like wonton.





















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